Spaceline Crew Devblog #1 - Welcome Aboard!

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Welcome, aspiring space steward!

You have been accepted in our Advanced Space Flight Attendant Training Program, also known to some earthlings as the “Spaceline Crew Dev Blog”!

We know you must be desper… I mean… eager to start working in our esteemed spaceline, ranked 9999th best space flight company in the galaxy, beautifully regarded by the Glorg Street Journal as “a company”. We are so proud!

But before you can start your spacefaring days, you will first need to complete our crash course on all there is to know to become a true master of the art of space customer satisfaction, as well as the ins and outs of the development of Spaceline Crew.

We know it’s your first day, so don’t worry, we have attached below our pre-flight description card:

Spaceline Crew is a procedurally-generated co-op adventure where you and your friends are the crew of an intergalactic travel company - it’s your job to get your passengers to their location safe, happy, and hopefully with as little vomiting as possible.

Our enterprise is backed by our parent company: space conglomerate Coffeenauts, whose headquarters is game development studio on some planet called Earth.

How about a bit of history? Turn on the speakers, please:

Spaceline Crew started as a college project in 2017 and the following year, the developer Coffeenauts was already attending to the Global Top Round in Kuala Lumpur for the Top 20 Studio competition - the first of many achievements. In 2019 Spaceline Crew received 7 nominations and 3 important awards between Game Connection America and BIG Festival: Most Promising IP, Best Casual Game (both from GCA), and the People's Choice Award (BIG Festival). For 2020, the company closes publishing deal with Skystone Games, headed by game industry veterans Bill Wang and David Brevik. Spaceline Crew is currently in its alpha stage.

Of course, the development of this spaceline is only possible with the diligent work of our trusty, 100% not overworked R&D team, who will be featured throughout this program, talking about the features, tools, and processes involved in developing Spaceline Crew, as well as introducing some important information about its fascinating universe - from the funny characters to the glorious retro-futuristic technology.

Now that you are properly settled in, enjoy your once-in-a-lifetime welcome cocktail, head to your company office, and stay tuned for upcoming news on your training course!


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