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Patch 1.3.1 - Quality of life improvements + bug fixes

This patch includes: QUALITY OF LIFE

  • Fixes and improvements to crossplay feature: now crossplay-enabled players will also be able to see non-crossplay rooms listed in lobby as long as they are on the same platform

  • Added new chat settings: enable/disable chat + chat size

  • Added lobby room sorting options: host name, room status, or ping

  • Added new room guest permissions: opening parcels and customizing company

  • Added new warning message about to save slots window when hosting an online game


  • Fixed an issue that caused gamepad disconnection to potentially remove a player avatar from the company office

  • Fixed an issue that made the Medical Capsule not get properly turned off when a player was inside of it

  • Fixed an issue that could cause A.R.T.H.U.R not to give players money when they lose a ship

  • Fixed an issue that made player preferences not get saved correctly if player isn’t host of an online room

  • Fixed an issue where players wouldn't be able to open a parcel after declining the first interaction with it

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the game over screen to appear if the host was in spectator mode

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1 Comment

cant wait for more patches on this game ive been having a blast playing with my out of state siblings oc there are issues but hoping for the best here

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