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Patch 1.3 - Online matchmaking & more!

You asked for it, and we heard you!

We’re very excited to announce that the much-anticipated patch 1.3 is out NOW! Among tons of polished features and bug fixes, it includes the (by far) most request feature by our community: full online matchmaking, in-game chat, and lobby systems, and we can’t wait for you to test it out! Read more for details:


  • New lobby menu where players can browse and join public games

  • New game host options: create public/private sessions, configure guest permissions

  • New in-game chat

  • New kick/ban feature for game hosts

  • Loading screen now shows loading progress of other players in online games

  • Major optimization of bandwidth usage in online games

  • More detailed disconnection messages

  • Several stability and synchronization improvements in online games


  • Several adjustments to game difficulty for 1, 2, 3 and 4 players

  • Adjustments to the game economy

  • Added new “patch notes” pop-up to main menu

  • Added new section in tutorial level and A.R.T.H.U.R message regarding fuel usage and ship acceleration

  • Sick players using the Medical Capsule now show a healing progress indicator

  • Improved size of Medical Capsule interaction area

  • “New unlockable” icons for company logos and colors now only get removed when they are used

  • Improved camera behavior for far away players in large spaceports

  • Tweaked rotation of ship systems in some ship blueprints


  • Fixed Flying Restaurant achievement not being properly updated

  • Fixed online synchronization of Ejector Toaster animation

  • Fixed an issue that could duplicate cleaning progress bars when using the mop

  • Fixed passengers getting stuck in some behaviors when docking with public toilet

  • Added several new safeguards related to gamepad disconnection in certain moments of the game

  • Fixed internal collision mesh of Econo-Cruiser and Tereshkova ships

  • Improved some areas of the collision mesh in the Company Terminal

  • Fixed passengers sometimes getting stuck at the airlock while trying to enter and leave the Tereshkova Icebreaker

  • Fixed “reset preferences” button not properly resetting confine cursor and stabilize camera effects settings

  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Inspector to get stuck on the front of the ship while flying his scooter

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Inspector to start scanning ship systems before he entered the ship

  • Fixed bloom effect not being properly updated when changing quality settings

  • Fixed some physics objects falling out of the ship during some cinematics

  • Fixed an issue that made closing the pause menu on an online match also close it for other clients

  • Fixed issues that could cause the amount of money not syncing properly in online games

  • Fixed an issue that could cause A.R.T.H.U.R not to give players money when they lose a ship

  • Fixed food ejected by the Ejector Toaster sometimes clipping the floor in online games

  • Fixed an issue that could cause ship systems to repeatedly break in online sessions

  • Fixed synchronization of food states

  • Fixed an issue that could cause the music to stop mid-transitions during flights

  • Fixed an issue that could cause generated company names not to sync properly online


  • Fixed Lucy’s eyelid clipping issue

  • Fixed Pingella’s skirt clipping issue

  • Fixed material on the ship ramps

  • Fixed material of trucks in Terminal cinematic

  • Fixed some characters being clipped by the interface on the parcel unlock window

  • Fixed harsh insane G camera transition

  • Fixed outdated Econo-Cruiser Deluxe portraits on blueprints window

  • Polished textures on some ship models

  • Fixed characters sometimes not getting properly blasted off during explosion cinematic

  • Fixed Service Station ship system repair beam VFX ending abruptly

  • Fixed withdraw/deposit/parcel money bill animations

  • Fixed an issue that could cause Kinetic Plasma Shell to spin wildly while on display at the Upgrade Store

Like what you see? Want more? Then stay tuned because we have a lot more features and updates planned for this year!

If encounter any issues or would like to leave us some feedback and suggestions, make sure join our official Discord server and contact us there. We’ll be happy to hear your thoughts!

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