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Patch 1.1 is here! Ultrawide support and more!

Thanks to the awesome feedbacks from our community during this launch week, we've prepared this update patch packed with many fixes and improvements!

This patch includes:

  • Overall game balance and economy changes (make sure to give us feedback!)

  • Implemented 21:9 and 32:9 monitor support

  • Added player silhouette

  • Fixed engine sound playing when it shouldn't

  • Fixed resolution bug

  • Fixed formatting of some Japanese texts

  • Fixed clean service menu localization and button navigation

  • Fixed ship interface not showing correct fuel range

  • Fixed Company Terminal colliders to avoid going out of bounds

  • Added chinese logo

  • Fixed game over reputation penalty not being saved

  • Added new color to "superior" loot tier

  • Fixed clean animation not adapting to ship's shape

  • Added new production pet to credits

For feedback and suggestions, join our official discord server!

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