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Patch 1.2 is OUT! Key stability fixes + new upgrade!

Rejoice! Patch 1.2 is finally OUT! Check it out:

New features:

  • New available upgrade: Deluxe Ejector Toaster!

Polish, tweaks and improvements:

  • Game balance and economy improvements

  • Beautified skins for Sinblarg Deluxe (now with new interiors)

  • AI navigation polishing

  • Tweaks and improvements to ship interface

  • Tools and vomit highlight can now be seen through walls

  • Twitch integration quality of life improvements

  • Fixed positioning of menu control assist prompts

  • Updated credits

Issues and bug fixes:

  • Stability improvements on macOS

  • Fixed mouse support on power menu

  • Fixed a bug where leaving and entering an online game could cause a character’s movement to break

  • Fixed a few bugs related to Twitch integration

  • Fixed a bug which made Reinforced Cooker unavailable in stores

  • Fixed a bug where the medical capsule wouldn’t heal the players

  • Fixed a bug where breaking the reactor during the “arriving connection” cutscene would make the environment dark

  • Fixed a bug where feeding a passenger wouldn’t satisfy its need

  • Fixed a bug where the Gigi attendant would be squished while walking on Zero G

  • Fixed a bug where an alien wouldn’t be able to enter the toilet if another alien was trying to get out of it

  • Fixed a bug where some elements could fall off the ship during the “arriving on connection” cutscene

  • Fixed a bug where the catering tutorial would play at the end of a route

  • Fixed a bug where player characters wouldn’t appear at the end of the credits

  • Fixed a bug where a system would break immediately after being fixed

  • Fixed an issue where players would see docking points moving in the map

Want more? Stay tuned because our next patch is coming very soon with some MAJOR new features!

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