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How to use Twitch integration

1. Open the Twitch menu, that can be accessed by either:
(1a) the main menu, or (1b) the pause menu.


2. To configure the integration with your Twitch account, you'll need to write your user and Twitch Channel (no links, just the name of the channel):


3. Then, paste the special password Twitch will generate on this link:
Attention: This is not your normal Twitch password.


4. After filling this data, you can now have an in-game overlay of your Twitch chat.
The overlay is optional, and don’t have to be on for the chat commands to work:


5. To allow the chat commands, you need to enable them in this option:


6. To see and configure the chat commands you'll need to:
   a) Enter the command list:


Inside the list you can see:
   b) The text users in chat can use, it has to start with a “!”. Each time a user sends this command, it will be counted as a vote. If the command gets the necessary amount of votes, it will be executed.

   c) To suit the size of your audience, you can adjust the amount of votes for each command. You can also disable some of them. Attention: think wisely about the amount of votes as, depending on your public, it can make the game impossible to play! But it's up to you how big a challenge you want to create for yourself.
   d) On the side, you can also see the description of each command.


Command List (Complete)

Feeling devious? Then use:
- !asteroid: spawns an asteroid
- !asteroid_belt: spawns an asteroid belt
- !asteroid_jungle: spawns an asteroid jungle
- !fat_asteroid: spawns a fat asteroid
- !comet: spawns a comet
- !vomit: makes all players vomit
- !inspector: calls the health inspector
- !sick: makes passengers sick
- !bored: makes passengers bored
- !hungry: makes passengers hungry
- !toilet: makes passengers want to pee
- !slippery: makes the floor slippery
- !slow: makes players slow
- !fast: makes players fast

You can also gradually damage the players' ship systems:
(these commands won't work if a system isn't installed or isn't breakable)
- !dmg_piloting
- !dmg_power
- !dmg_navigation
- !dmg_propulsion
- !dmg_maintenance
- !dmg_gravity
- !dmg_sanitation
- !dmg_cleaning
- !dmg_catering
- !dmg_communications
- !dmg_seating
- !dmg_infirmary
- !dmg_cooking
- !dmg_entertainment

- !dmg_defense

Feeling generous? Then use:
- !cash: sends in-game money to the players
- !spawn_fuel: spawns a refueling station
- !spawn_mechanic: spawns a mechanic station
- !spawn_clean: spawns a cleaning station
- !spawn_toilet: spawns a public toilet
- !spawn_stop: spawns a passenger stop

Command List (Short)

In-game command list: !asteroid, !asteroid_belt, !asteroid_jungle, !fat_asteroid, !comet, !vomit, !inspector, !dmg_piloting, !dmg_power, !dmg_navigation, !dmg_propulsion, !dmg_maintenance, !dmg_gravity, !dmg_sanitation, !dmg_cleaning, !dmg_catering, !dmg_communications, !dmg_seating, !dmg_infirmary, !dmg_cooking, !dmg_entertainment, !dmg_defense, !cash, !sick, !bored, !spawn_toilet, !spawn_fuel, !spawn_mechanic, !spawn_clean, !spawn_stop, !hungry, !spawn_toilet, !slippery, !slow, !fast

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